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Safer Sex & Menstrual Supplies

Safer Sex & Menstrual Supplies

The Centre offers a variety of sexual health, menstrual and hygiene supplies. Many of the supplies can be found just outside the office in SCC313 on the resource table, with more selection available inside the Centre.

Sexual Health Supplies

  • Condoms (traditional)
    • Latex and non-latex
    • Flavoured and non-flavoured
    • Extra-Large
    • Extra-Strength
  • Insertive Condoms
  • Dental Dams (non-flavoured and flavoured)
  • Lubricant (silicone and water-based)
  • Pregnancy Tests

Menstrual & Hygiene Supplies

  • Pads
    • Daily Liners
    • Light
    • Regular
    • Super Long
    • Maxi
  • Tampons
    • Regular
    • Super

Reimbursement (with receipt)

  • Plan B
  • Midol
  • Tylenol or Advil