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About Us

Mission and Values

“Our mission is to provide safe, non-judgmental, free and confidential peer-to-peer support and referrals for survivors of sexual violence at Ryerson”.

One of our roles on the Ryerson University campus is to provide free safer sex products such as condoms, lube and dental dams to the Ryerson community, in an effort to promote safer sex practices. The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support also reimburses for Plan B, Midol and Tylenol or Advil, as we believe that access to these resources is a right for all students.

The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support also hosts the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line (SASSL) and facilitates peer-to-peer drop-in support sessions on Mondays from 1 – 4 pm.

More About SASSL

  • SASSL is a peer-to-peer telephone supportive service to which those who have experienced sexual violence, or know someone who has experienced sexual violence, can turn to in times of confusion, fear, sadness, and frustration.
  • SASSL supports callers of all genders, sexual orientations, racial identities, abilities, ages, religions, and their intersectional lived experiences with victimhood and survivorship.
  • SASSL refers callers to on-campus sexual-violence support services, but also refers to external support-services throughout the GTA.
  • SASSL is not a counselling service. Our volunteers cannot provide: all-knowing solutions, accompaniment to court/abortion clinics, diagnosis, and long-term support. If you need access to these services, please contact the Office for Sexual Violence Education and Support.
  • SASSL is an intersectional, volunteer-driven service provided by the Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support and the Ryerson Students’ Union. SASSL is rooted in pro-choice, critical race, decolonial, feminist principles from an intersectional lens.

SASSL is Pro-Survivor, and Pro-Choice:

  • we exist as a support network for survivors of sexual violence
  • we never question the legitimacy of a caller’s experience
  • we never blame the caller in any way for their experience and/or criticize the survivor for their actions
  • we believe that aggressors and not survivors are responsible for the incidents of sexual violence
  • We believe that our callers choice is always the best choice for them on any matter concerning their lives, bodies, and personhood.